Welcome to MYA Yachting Barcelona,

the company dedicated to providing all-round yacht services to Luxury super yachts. We invite you to visit Barcelona to enjoy this beautiful place and take advantage of our offers. MYA Yachting works with leading marine contractors that consistently provide excellent work at a competitive price. We are always ready to meet any requirements that a visiting yacht and its personnel might have. Let us take care of all your needs: you don’t need to look for several different companies, we have all you are looking for. We are able to supply the highest quality of services which the client demands.

how we can help you

Berth Reservations

Do you need a berth reservation in Barcelona? No problem, MyA team is here to help you. Let us know you are looking for and our agents will make every effort to find it. We’ll  book the best places for your yacht even in high season.

Fuel Bunkering

We are able to take care of all your bunkering requirements. In this competitive environment our aim is to provide top quality serv ices at very competitive prices. We deliver your fuel and lubricants safely and effectively.

Refit & Painting

We collaborate with the best companies in the sector that are in charge of refitting, painting, carpentry, or anyother type of reform.


We offer the best selection of marine supplies, marine repair, and boat products from leading international brands. We cater to all types of vessels, including yours.

Safety Equipment Servicing

MYA provides top quality marine safety products, tested and proven by leaders in marine safety technologies. We quickly deliver everything necessary to ensure the safety of all on board, such as individual and collective life-saving, first aid and other safety items.

Spare Parts

The MYA team takes care of the delivery of spare parts to both the Engineering department and Deck department as quickly and efficiently as possible.

About us

MYAchting is a company established in 2012 in Barcelona, Spain. MYAchting is made up of a young, dynamic and qualified team that offers personal attention to our customers. The idea of MYAchting was born in 2011 after six years of experience in the luxury yacht industry and profound knowledge of the marine sector. Your stay in Barcelona will be trouble-free and enjoyable from start to finish. The company provides a wide variety of professional services that Captains and crew members need with maximum efficiency. We are at your disposal to fulfill all your needs, from re-fitting and repairing your yacht to organizing your leisure time for 24/7. Whatever your request, MYAchting can be relied upon to provide quick results. You just have to call to MYAchting and we take care of the rest.

Our company guarantees excellent service, because we truly value our customer.